Bracket Telescope

Mild steel, brass, bronze, glass
2900mm x 2000mm x 1500mm
Installation at atrium of Pincent Mason LLP, 30 Crown Place
2011 September 

The Bracket Telescope is a metaphor for the intellectual processes of juxtaposition and comparison. It is a measuring tool – a theodolite: precisely made yet without graduation, its use is a thought experiment made real. Through the two points captured by the telescopes the object locates itself in the wider world, and with it the viewer and the space in which they stand. It simultaneously questions the intention behind the selection of the two points and highlights their differences. In some installations of this work the points might define a scale, taking in for example the stars on one hand and the tip of a nuclear reactor fuel rod on the other. In this case the reading is more playful, the twisted sign invites you to look up and in doing so, you see the world turned on its head.