The Renormalized 4-Vertex at one-loop and drawing of The Renormalized 4-Vertex at one-loop by the artist (see reverse)

Chalkboard, paint, chalk
Blyth Gallery

‘To the mathematician, these marks describe the reorganisation of terms in the lagrangian of the Anderson model into a form amenable to a low energy perturbative expansion. The artist’s copy of the marks however, are nothing more than a superficial illustration. Is most art ‘about’ science little more? Yet the titled object redeems itself: it is not clear which version of the derivation is the original and the boards rotation implies the artist copied the marks blind. The work leaves the viewer reflecting wryly on the importance of the artist as mark maker and the age old act of copying or depicting nature. The ignorant regurgitation of the mathematical marks strips meaning from the symbols; raising semiotic questions and exploring the aesthetics of symbolic languages.’